Friday, July 14, 2006

Had a great day at the 12th annual Rattle Snake 50k this past Sat. After my flame out at Highland Sky I was in need of a soild run, and thats what I got. The day was perfect and the 10 hills passed like the wind. I ran the first about 18 miles or so with a veteran ultra runner named "Bill". My stratagy was to run a nice easy pace and Bill ran like a perfect metronome. There came a point where Bill had to make a nature call just prior to decending the next hill so I passed him and decided to pickup the pace and see how I felt. With lots of fuel in the tank I finished off the last 2 hills at a quick pace and passed about half a dozen people. I was about to pass a couple more when I twisted my ankle about 2 miles from the finish. Oh well so much for a blazing finish, I slowed my pace a bit and with less wind in may sails settled for a less dramatic finish of 6:41. This is a great course, I love the hills and the volunteers were all great. Next up is Catoctin 50k trail run in Frederick, MD August 5th.